How to Book MyVegas Room Rewards with Two Beds

Looking for a MyVegas Room Reward with two queen beds instead of one king bed?

Each MGM property that offers MyVegas Rewards decides what room type they want to offer for each date they make available. That type can be different from one date to another at the same property, but some properties more typically offer two beds.

The only way to know for sure as to what is available is to purchase the reward and start the booking process to see what is offered at the hotel on your chosen date.

When starting the booking process, that's where you'll will see if rooms with One King or Two Queens are available.

This is what the booking page for ParkMGM looks like on a random date in May 2024. You can see that both Kings and 2 Queens are available.

If the bed type you prefer is unavailable and you don't want to take a chance with a request when you check-in, just exit the booking page and return the reward. Then pick a different property and try again. You can return up to 5 rewards for a refund in a rolling 30 day period.


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