How Many MyVegas Rewards Can Be Redeemed At a Time

MyVegas players can BUY more than their premium reward limit, keeping in mind that you can only purchase of each reward. 

But you can only REDEEM up to your premium rewards limit. All MyVegas players start off with three premium rewards. If you spend money in the apps purchasing chips, etc., your number of premium rewards increases. Six is the maximum currently.

For example, if six is your premium limit, you can redeem up to six premium rewards within a rolling 30 day period. 

Some people buy more than their premium limit because they're not sure which ones they'll actually redeem on their trip. They return rewards they decided not to redeem and get their loyalty points back. 

Note that you can only return rewards that are refundable and haven't expired -- be sure to read the Terms and Conditions of each reward before purchasing.


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