MyVegas Bellagio Room Reward Calendar for June 2024

 The MyVegas Bellagio Room Reward Calendar for May 2024 as of April 9, 2024.

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas is a stunning display of elaborate floral arrangements and landscapes. Located inside the iconic Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, the Conservatory is a 14,000 square foot space that completely transforms for each season and holiday. Walking into the Conservatory truly feels like entering a magical oasis, with towering trees, vibrant flowers, and rushing waterfalls surrounding the perimeter. The centerpiece is always an immense focal point made entirely from plants and flowers. During fall, pumpkins and gourds of every size and color blanket the ground as the crisp scent of autumn leaves fills the air. In spring, tulips and daffodils bloom by the thousands in vivid hues of pink, yellow, and purple. The summer display is a tropical paradise with sunflowers, bird of paradise, and palm trees. Perhaps the most spectacular exhibit is the winter holiday display, featuring a 42-foot-tall Christmas tree adorned with thousands of poinsettias and glittering lights. Whether it's Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, or any major holiday, the skilled horticulturists at the Bellagio bring the season to life with their stunning botanical artistry and detail. No matter when you visit, the Bellagio Conservatory is a breathtaking oasis that immerses you in the sights, scents, and spirit of the season.


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