Bellagio vs. Luxor — 4 Reasons to Choose Saving Your MyVegas Points Over Luxury

I can’t imagine too many people stay at both the Bellagio and Luxor during a visit to Las Vegas. But there are good reasons to stay at Luxor, even if you have the MyVegas points for the Bellagio.

The Bellagio property is one of the nicest on the strip. This 5-star resort offers all of the deluxe experiences one would expect in Las Vegas.

Stunning rooms, excellent service, and fine dining await all who stay here.

The Luxor is an older property. Opened in 1993, it is a highly themed resort catering to budget travelers.

It is often the least expensive property in the MGM Las Vegas portfolio, excluding the Excalibur.

Why would anyone choose the Bellagio over the Wynn? Here’s why.

Lower Minimum Bets

The Bellagio has some of the highest minimums on the strip. The Luxor has some of the lowest.

I enjoy playing video poker and never have trouble finding 5 cent and 25 cent machines at Luxor. Finding anything below a $1 minimum at the Bellagio is tough.

Casual Atmosphere

The Bellagio is a bit stuffy for my taste. With a well-dressed and well-heeled crowd, it can be uncomfortable for those who like to go casual.

Anything goes at the Luxor. You can gamble in your swimsuit or PJs and never feel out of place.


The Luxor offers an amazing array of entertainment, along with easy access to Mandalay Bay and Excalibur entertainment.

There are more choices of shows and activities here than anywhere else. Whether you want to see a comedian or Cirque du Soleil, all of these offerings are within easy walking distance.

Saving MyVegas Points

This goes without being said, but the difference in the number of MyVegas points for a room at the Luxor vs. the Bellagio is significant.

Closing Thoughts

I love the luxuries of a stay at the Bellagio. The fabulous service, gorgeous surroundings, and gourmet food are second to none.

I also love a stay at the Luxor. So much more affordable and a lot more fun, along with these benefits:

  • Lower Minimum Bets
  • Casual Atmosphere
  • Entertainment
  • Saving MyVegas Points

I feel lucky to be able to experience both.


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