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The Las Vegas Aviators are a professional baseball team based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The team was founded in 2018 and plays its home games at Cashman Field.
The Aviators' name was chosen from over 2,000 submissions by fans during an online contest held by the team. The winning submission was submitted by Brett Mabry and Josh Naylor, who were awarded season tickets for life as well as other prizes including jerseys, hats and t-shirts with their names on them that they could wear during games.
The franchise's first season has been quite successful so far; they've won 40 games while losing only 23 so far this year (as of June 9th). They're currently ranked third place overall in the Pacific Coast League Western Division standings behind only Salt Lake City (who owns a record of 50-14) and Reno (48-20).

The Home Stadium

The Las Vegas Aviators play their home games at Las Vegas Ballpark, which is located just west of the Strip. The ballpark opened in March 2019 and has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike.
The stadium has a seating capacity of 10,000 people, with room for up to 5,000 more spectators standing behind outfield fences or in designated areas along concourses. It's also equipped with a state-of-the-art video board above center field that provides fans with an immersive experience before games begin--and during them too!
In addition to providing great entertainment options for fans during games themselves (including fireworks shows), there are plenty of other things happening around Las Vegas Ballpark before or after each contest:

The Team

The team has a rich history and is currently one of the most successful franchises in baseball. The Aviators have won two World Series titles, one in 2039 and another in 2044. They also have won five division titles since their inception as an expansion team in 2036.
The current roster includes players from all over the world: America, Canada, Mexico and Japan among others. Players like [player name] are known for their speed on the base paths while others like [player name] are known for hitting home runs at will!

The Fans

The Aviators have a passionate fanbase that is known for their team spirit. They've been known to show up in droves at every home game and even travel with the team on the road, creating an electric atmosphere wherever they go. The Aviators' fans love their players, too; there are few better places than Las Vegas to catch a glimpse of some of baseball's biggest stars in action!
The fans are also known for their creative outfits when it comes time for theme nights or special events at Cashman Field--you might find yourself surrounded by people dressed as aviators (or other aviation-themed costumes), which will make you feel like part of something bigger than just another baseball game.

The Food

The food at Las Vegas Ballpark is delicious and affordable. Fans can get a hot dog, nachos or a slice of pizza for under $10.
There are also more expensive options like chicken wings and steak sandwiches that will set you back about $15-$20.
The most popular items include burgers, chicken tenders and fries with cheese sauce (this one is especially good).

The Merchandise

The Las Vegas Aviators merchandise is available at the team store, located at Mandalay Bay. The store is open year-round, but it's best to visit during spring training or during the regular season when there are more people around to make things interesting.
The prices of items vary depending on what you're looking for--a shirt can range from $25-$30 while a hat will cost closer to $20. But don't worry about breaking the bank: most things are reasonably priced and worth every penny!
The most popular items tend to be hats and jerseys (especially those with players' names). These items sell out quickly though so make sure you get there early if possible!

The Activities

The Las Vegas Aviators are a baseball team that plays in the Pacific Coast League. They are one of three teams in the PCL, and play at Las Vegas Ballpark (formerly Cashman Field). The stadium has been open since 1983, making it one of the oldest stadiums in professional baseball. It was renovated in 2017 to make way for a new team name and logo--but don't worry: all your favorite activities are still available!
The following is an overview of some of the most popular activities at Las Vegas Ballpark:

  • Batting Practice: $20-$50 per person depending on whether you want to hit off a tee or against live pitching
  • Bullpen Experience: $100 per person per hour; includes instruction from one of our coaches followed by throwing off our bullpen mound with other players who have signed up for this experience! This is limited to 20 people so book early if interested!

The Schedule

The Aviators' schedule is a bit different than most other professional sports teams. The Aviators play at Cashman Field, which is located in Downtown Las Vegas. It's not your typical stadium--it's actually an old minor league baseball park that was built in 1983 and renovated in 2001.
The Aviators have a total of 81 home games throughout the season (including spring training), but only 44 of those are regular season games; the rest are exhibition games against other minor league teams or college squads from around the country. Their first regular season game will be played on April 4th against Salt Lake City, who they've met twice before during spring training competitions over the past few years!

The Tickets

The Las Vegas Aviators are a professional baseball team that plays in the Pacific Coast League. They play their home games at Cashman Field, which is located just east of downtown Las Vegas. The stadium has a capacity of 9,334 people and was built in 1983 as an indoor arena for ice hockey games. It became a baseball stadium when the Las Vegas Stars moved to town in 1999, but they left after only one season due to poor attendance numbers and financial difficulties.
The Aviators have been around since 2017 when they were created by Mandalay Bay Resort Group (MBRG) with support from Major League Baseball (MLB). MBRG also owns the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise so it was no surprise when they brought over some players from Los Angeles' Triple-A team - including Cody Bellinger who would go on to win Rookie Of The Year honors later that year!


After reading this blog post, you should have a better understanding of the Las Vegas Aviators. The team is currently in third place in their division and has a record of 23-21. They are also 5-3 at home this season which is good news for any fan who wants to see their favorite players play in person!
The passion that fans have for their team is evident by the fact that many people attend games even though tickets cost around $12 on average (for those who don't want to splurge). And if you're looking for something more affordable than that? You can always catch an Aviators game on TV!


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