New MyVegas Reward in - 2 Hour Segway Las Vegas Tour


For 200,000 LP MyVegas players can now purchase a reward good for a 2 hour Las Vegas Segway tour. Only available on as an exclusive reward.

Segway Las Vegas tours are one of the best ways to explore the city without breaking a sweat. These tours offer a unique way to see the sights and sounds of Las Vegas while gliding on a Segway. The experience is suitable for first-time Segway riders and seasoned professionals. If you're on the fence about taking a Segway tour, here are some reasons you should give it a try.

Safety First

Segway Las Vegas tours prioritize safety first. Before taking a tour, customers receive training on Segway operation and safety. During the tour, the tour guide provides safety guidelines, helmet, and knee pads to ensure that all riders are safe throughout the tour. Furthermore, the Segway itself is designed with safety in mind, providing a stable, comfortable, and safe ride.

Comfort and Fun

The Segway is a unique ride that provides a comfortable and fun experience. Riding a Segway is easy to learn, and the tour guides provide a lot of information about the city's landmarks and attractions. With the Segway, huge distances are covered with ease, and you won't be exhausted after the tour.

Discover the City

Segway Las Vegas Tours allow you to discover the city in a new, refreshing way. The routes taken in these tours may offer some of the most stunning sights and views that you may have ever seen. The tour guide provides information on various locations and activities in the city, providing a rich and memorable experience.

Flexible Booking

Booking a Segway Las Vegas tour is comfortable and flexible. Customers can easily book their tours online or via phone. Additionally, tours can be booked for various groups, including family reunions, corporate events, and birthdays, among others. This flexibility allows you to tailor your tour to meet your needs and preferences.

In conclusion, riding a Segway Las Vegas Tour is a unique, safe, and immersive way to explore the city's sights and sounds. The experience provides comfort, fun, and flexibility to ensure that you get the most out of your tour. Don't wait any longer; book your Segway Las Vegas Tour today!


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